Gourmet Sailing

In search of good food & wine

Diversity of flavors combined with untouched nature, brings you all the delicacies on your plate. So is there better way to fall in love with Dalmatia if not by tasting its delicacies? In each part of Dalmatia you can find something unique and different but above all tasty.
Many say that it’s food for gods.

Dalmatian cuisine includes the best of the Mediterranean way of cooking, but it also incorporates elements from the Dalmatian hinterland and Croatia in general. It’s all about indulging in excellent food moderately, according to the carpe diem (‘seize the day’) way of life.

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Food for the Gods

As true fish lovers, there are few recipes, which are a must if you are visiting Dalmatia.
Sailing is perhaps best way to explore varieties of restaurants on dalmatian coast, as you can easily reach best of the best.
Lešada or popara (boiled fish), famous at the island of Korčula, or gregada (fish stew) prepared on the island of Hvar are one of the best Mediterranean fish stews and the queen is definitely Dalmatian brujet which combines strength of the sea, olive groves and vineyards, everything Dalmatia is all about.

Where to sail?

Explore Vis

Vis cuisine: as authentic as the island itself

"Pomalo" (meaning slowly, or little by little) is the word exchanged between locals as they go about their daily routines on the Croatian Islands. It's the island lifestyle, and Vis, one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, is no exception.

This phrase can be also applied in gastronomy. Take your time, enjoy your food and embrace its flavors. That's the only true way to EAT.

Vis has carved out for itself a modest niche with this traditional cooking, with tiny "restaurants" – little more than a few tables set up in somebody's house like restaurant Pojoda. If you are looking for a more intimate atmopshfere, with inland experience, Konoba Roki's will offer you a dining experience on a working vineyard, offering traditional recipes (peka - food under the bell or grilled fish) served amid olive groves and vineyard, accompanied by Roki's own wine Plavac or Vugava.

And it is precisely the island's laid-back feel, combined with an understanding and appreciation of fresh produce and fish, that make Vis cuisine so delightful.

Get that adrenaline going!

To reach a port, we must set sail
Sail, not tie at anchor
Sail, not drift
-Franklin D.Roosevelt

Can you call yourself a true sailor if you've never participated in regatta? You should definitely try.
There are plenty regattas in Croatia; some of them are for racing, some of them are more for gatherings and having fun, but all of them guarantee a great time.

Our favorite one is Vis Regatta. It's a great way to close the summer and sailing season.

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Rich cultural heritage combined with beautiful beaches, spectacular national parks and deserted islands, makes this part of Dalmatia an amazing sailing destination. Along the coast are beautifully preserved medieval towns poised above some of the clearest waters in Europe, while offshore are myriad islands adorned with ancient stone villages and enticing coves. The region increasingly serves both as a focus for the party crowd and as a get-away-from-it-all destination, with a burgeoning roster of festivals dovetailing neatly with stirring scenery and soothing beaches.

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Experience Croatia

When is the best time for you to visit Croatia? Where to go? Why is that best choice for you?

"Sailing with a skipper is definitely the easiest way to cruise from place to place while still taking advantage of the freedom you have."

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